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Bing Ads: Goodbye Bing Ads and Hello Microsoft Advertising

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Rebranding as a mushrooming trend is leading to renaming of multiple things aiming at personalization and AI. This has led to renovating the branding and advertising aspect. The focus according to Rik Van Der is on launching products incorporated with AI capabilities.

What led to the emergence of rebranding is search advertising. The Bing Ads replaced adCenter in 2012 when Microsoft and Yahoo named their search alliance as Yahoo Bing network. Bing was declared as exclusive search advertising platform for Verizon Media Properties by Yahoo.

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Recently Google AdWords was renamed as Google Ads and now Bing ads is known as Microsoft advertising. It appears that there is some grand vision for rebranding which is leading to such major changes.

Bing Ads partner is now Microsoft Advertising Program. The summit held at WA headquarters confirms the collaboration officially. What lies in the backdrop is personalization and product innovation where Bing will be playing in important role in the process of rebranding.

With this major shift in the ideology, the manufacturers are going to be benefited several folds. Through sponsored products they will be able to promote the products in the shopping campaigns with their retailer partners.

Manufacturers will be empowered with the fresh optimization capabilities and on the other hand the retailers will be benefited with the product marketing assistance with a fair deal in the costs.  As of now, the privilege of sponsored Products is accessible only in beta in US.

Bing has reportedly seen a grand conclusion of nearly 500 Million users and the growth is surging up the parameters consecutively since then.

The move is an extension of rebranding of equipping fresh products with latest AI capabilities and innovation.

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