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Bing Announces Refreshed Bing Webmaster Tools

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Bing was continuously in news for its slow and outdated interface. Owing to this, Bing has finally released the refreshed Bing Webmaster Portal.

Responsiveness, Promptness, and Clean are the major principles of the update bases.

Considering the user experience, the backend store data has been updated for improving the process of data extraction. The responsiveness allows the user to access it across all the devices.

Backlinks, search performances, and Sitemap have been refreshed by Bing for enhancing its functionality and performance.

Changes in Bing Webmasters 

The  website owners can view their website Search Performance like the way they see in Google Webmasters

There are options to view Total Clicks, with stats data for 7 Days, 30 Days, 3 Months, 6 Months. The owners can customize it by date.

Refreshed Bing Webmasters Tools 7 Days, 30 Days, 3 Months, 6 Months

Refreshed Bing Webmasters Tools 7 Days, 30 Days, 3 Months, 6 Months

The “List By” which shows the “Impressions,” “Clicks”, “CTR”, and “Avg. Position” for Web Pages and Keywords

Bing Website New Overview Dashboard

Bing Website New Overview Dashboard

The new Bing Webmasters Dashboard 2020 update comes with “Sitemaps” section as well, through which site owners can easily submit XML Sitemaps to Bing webmasters tool

Bing Wembaster Dashboard for Sitemap Submission

Bing Webmaster Dashboard for Sitemap Submission

The most amazing feature which helps SEO’s is Backlinks analysis got added to the new Bing Webmasters Dashboard.

Bing Webmaster Dashboard for Bacnkinks Analysis

Bing Webmaster Dashboard for Bacnkinks Analysis

Date of Launch

Well according to Bing, this new update is all set to roll out by 1st week of March 2020.

How to access this?

For accessing the new portal one can sign in and can navigate to sitemap, inbound links, search keyword reports or Page Traffic.  It seems like Bing is on the verge of making the portal seamless and exciting for the users.

Bing Webmaster API won’t undergo any modifications as it is easily accessible for the users to get the data programmatically without altering it.

What is coming next?

Over the next few months, the company will be spending on improving the functionality of the new portal. According to the current update, the user will be able to access current and new pages simultaneously.

Why is the news important?

It’s been a while that Bing updated its Webmaster tools. As Promised by Bing, the update will help SEOs in building more responsive and better performing sites for Bing Search. The tools are often undervalued by SEO professionals. Hopefully, this update will reverse the deal and encourage more usage. For knowing more, click here

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