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Bing: URL Submission Limit Exceeded To 10000 Per Day

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One of the greatest shifts in the search engines to encounter reveals itself in the announcement by the Bing of exceeding the limit of URL submission from 10 per day to unbelievable 10000 per day!! This move has been initiated by Bing underlining the aim of increasing the discovery on the search engines and for reducing the pace of crawlers.

Fabrice Canal’s comment on twitter “Major announcement today for the SEO world! Get your content indexed fast by now submitting up to 10,000 URLs per day to Bing. Let’s move away from crawling to discover content change to tell us. Please adopt and save the world from global crawling warming!” further cleared the fact what led to this fresh initiative by the Bing.

Bing URL Submission Limit Exceeded To 10000 Per Day

Stressing on the relevancy of fresh approach, Bing clarifies it as a fundamental shift in the way the search engines views updated data. Instead of waiting for the crawlers for viewing the updated pages, Bing will be directly notified by the websites about the relevant URLs changing on their websites. This can be taken in positive light as this will reduce the crawling frequency and the content on the websites will get updated on regular basis.

But what is worth consideration is the fact that the Bing removed URL submission tool last year out of some limit issue and now it has launched new limits for URL submissions that too a major shift in the set limit.

However, there is an exception in this case, you will qualify for this privilege if you had your website approved on Bing Webmaster Tool, site impressions and other signals.

You can manually submit URLs manually on Bing Webmaster Tools.

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