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Canonical URLs: Selection and Suggestion Guide by Google Webmasters

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URLs can have multiple variables and, in such situation, to avoid duplicity of the content, Google asks the webmaster to pick one URL. Canonical URL is chosen by the webmaster as the main URL. The website owners can decide the best URL for their content.

If you aren’t convinced with the URL suggested by us, you can check it by entering the address of your page into the Search Console’s  URL inspection tool. You will get the canonical URL selected by the Google. If you harbor better suggestions for your URL then you can follow the rules on the Webmaster’s duplicate URLs page which will guide you how to suggest the preferred choice for consideration.

  • Keep in mind, that if you are searching using the inurl: commands, you will be exposed to a number of specified URL that might not be selected by the Google. This happens because the webmaster abides by the query entered by you and shows the results according to it.
  • Although, the webmaster clarifies the use of Google canonicals for the visitors who browse URLs without using inurl commands.
  • Apart from that, Google webmaster announces a fresh URL inspection tool which will show any Google selected canonical for URL along with Search Console’s. In this way, the tool grand broader solution for the publishers to choose the best URL for their website.

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