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“Discover”: A Search Console’s Report of The Content Which Performs Well on Your Website Along with Enhancing The User Experience

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There is a fresh addition to the Google Search Console which analyzes the content of the publishers and provides insight as to what performs well on their websites. This is a great initiative by the webmaster which provides a report of the traffic and the viewer’s interests on the website. It answers publisher’s questions like

  • How often the site gets viewed in “Discover”?
  • Volume of traffic on the website
  • What content gains maximum recognition on Discover?
  • Variation in performance of a content in Discover and traditional search results

What is “Discover” By Google Search Console?

This initiative reveals excellence on the part of the Google and the user experience can’t get any better. With discover a user will be acquainted with the fresh news on topics that interests them owing to their interactions with Google without actually putting any effort.

A content gets ranked algorithmically according to user’s arena of interests and the quality of the content in sync with the strength between the content and the user’s interests.  Google summarizes the topics from the user’s browsing history and notifies him of the topics related to his previous searches.

Which means it automatically surfaces the content which a user would love to go through based on the analysis.  Users can relish the experience on the Google application on the mobile home page. Nearly 800M monthly active users has been benefited from it since its launch in 2017.

They can binge explore the news, articles or the videos which interests them the most in a single go. Discover surfaces what’s new along with showing the best and interesting content on the particular topic which might cover any current news from fashion, recipe, engaging stories and more platforms.

How to Optimize your Content for Discover?

Google has provided a complete guide to optimize your website’s content for Discover which will help enhance the user experience. In short to make your website discover optimized you need to post engaging and interesting content for getting maximum traffic on your website.

Creativity increases the quality of a website’s content even more. Post relevant and interesting images along with the amazing content on your website for the user to binge explore the topics which interests him in a comprehensive way.

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