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Google Ads Keyword Planner: Introduction to Old and New Features

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Now, when you will access your Google Keyword planner account, you will be notified with the additional features of Google Keyword Planner along with retaining some old features getting added to Google Ads UI.

What is new to Explore?

  • You can add up to 10 seed keywords in the “Find new keywords” option.
  • Grouped ideas: If you are searching for grouped keywords, it can now be found in “Grouped ideas” option. This will enable you to choose and add keywords in existing or new ad group in a grouped idea.
  • Monthly Search Chart: The Average monthly chart reveals search volume quantities and a proper insight in case of monthly breakdown.
  • Add to existing campaigns: Along with saving fresh keywords to a plan, you can now save new keywords to existing add campaigns for that you will have to select an ad group for that particular campaign or create a new add group.
  • New Competition Column: It will measure the competency of an ad placement for a keyword. It will show the values in regards to the location and targeting options selected by you. If there is not enough data then it will reveal a dash sign (-)
  • Daily Budget Suggestions: After adding keywords to a plan you will see a daily budget suggestion plan which reveals the total details of benefit of your campaign which will run seamlessly on any day during the forecasting period.

Sharing is caring!

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