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Google AdWords: AdWords Editor Replaced with Google Ads Editor V.1

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After the great move by the Google to rename the Google AdWords as Google Ads, it replaces the AdWords editor with Google Ads Editor. Google portrays this new version as the extended version of the previous one with improved features. After its official notification in the editor’s release, it was clear that it is a response to the extended appeals from the community.

Fresh Features to Encounter to Google Ads Editor V.1

Full cross account management

 Prior to the update, changes could only be made in the editor UI for a single account but now with the fresh update you can make changes from a single window to all your Google Ads account without any trouble. What eases up the deal further is adding up of identical keywords set on all the accounts. You can update the campaign settings across your entire business book and download the statistics report.

Improved User Interface

For the tasks to perform spontaneously, Google has improved the user interface with a seamless navigation. Owing to the user-friendly approach, Google has now created right hand Edit panel which aims at improving the scan ability. Introduction of the search feature has further eased up the process to complete the task promptly.

More Custom Rules:

You can encounter fresh addition in custom rules at Google Ads. The custom rules can be edited and customized as per your requirements in the campaigns with complete sync with the violation criteria, you can activate it to know if you are violating the terms. The improved version ensures proper campaign implementation.

Non-Skippable Video Ads:

The mandatory ads one has to watch for accessing the content one is actually looking for. Now, one can manage more campaigns within the Editor.

Manage Application Campaign:

It includes campaigns, Ad groups and Ad level campaigns can be managed easily now.


You can remain free of budget constraints, choose the package with suit you best. The conservative budget is advisable as it will cut you unnecessary expenditure while your campaign will still appear on some of the searches. Choose your package from the recommended budget packages in case you face any such difficulty.

Supports Message Extension:

This feature will prove beneficial for you as the visitor will be able to send messages right from your ad owing to the message extension. It will help your customers reach out to you with their queries and requests along with increasing the convenience.

Call Only Ads:

It will encourage the customer to contact you directly with the mere click on the ad which thereby reduces the gap between your customers and you.

Sharing is caring!

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