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Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Gets Private Browsing Extension

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With the launch of private browsing extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome it has gathered huge support of nearly 2,50,000 monthly active users and about 1 million of registered users.

The private extension launched on 18th April, 2019 respects the privacy of the users by connecting them to pre search in collaboration with more than 80 sources including Facebook, Google and Amazon and helps them to search privately without staking their personal data.

Most Interesting part of this new extension is that it rewards users for using its website or browser extension for referring new users in his own cryptocurrency token named “PRO”.

This initiative was undertaken by the developers in the lieu of continuous requests by the users for an option to conduct search through regular browser bar. According to the founder, Colin Pape “The extension itself really just allows users to set the site as their default search engine”.

He wanted to give a monotonous search a productive turn through monetary gains in the extension along with respecting the privacy of an individual. Replacing tokens with money as a way of covering the cost of incentive granted along with smooth services through third Party was little complicated.

Here on Presearch,  a user earn credit for every search query and can earn 32times per day. The company adopt various techniques to drive more traffic on the extension with its amazing incentives. The tokens can be used for selling to advertisers, advertising and for converting into crypto currency. The earned credits can be used for conducting online purchases on participating online platforms.

One can download the Presearch Extension on Chrome, Brave and Firefox here:

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