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Google Drive Gains A Shortcut To Offline Mode On The Web

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Nothing can be demanded more from Google after its inclusion of fresh feature on The Google Drive. You might have encountered certain problems operating Google drive while travelling and the poor connectivity of the internet deteriorates the situation further to access or make changes to your Google Drive.

Now with the inclusion of offline mode, you can edit your Google sheet anytime and anywhere without being bothered by the connectivity issue. You will need to install Chrome Extension as you used to do previously but now you can the Drive web UI for enabling offline mode instead of grappling with the web to reach the home screen.

Google clarifies the fact further by assuring the user that they can create, edit and commented in offline mode within Google browser interface along with the privilege of previewing the document with a new offline preview mode. One drawback account to that, it can only be accessed on Chrome and if you switch to other website to access it, it will immediately ping you back with the notification to switch to Google Chrome.

Any changes made will automatically get sync in Drive when you will connect to the internet. You can access the files offline in the order they were accessed.

Installation process

  • To try it for yourself, click on Settings > General and select “Sync Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings files to this computer so that you can edit offline.”
  • After enabling the offline access, you’ll witness a checkmark icon in the top right next to the Settings and Support shortcuts which will let you see the offline preview toggle when clicked.
  • In G Suite, admins can allow all the users to enable offline access by heading to Apps > G Suite > Drive and Docs.

The new update will be out within 15 days on rapid release G-suite domains and will release starting from May 21, 2019 on schedule release domains.

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