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Google Map Revamps Its Course with Community Update Feature

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Aim: Improved Recommendations with Personalization

Goggle Map has become the main recluse to seeking the best places to visit and restaurants to order from in the local area. Google is all set to uncover the power of community recommendations and lend it a more impactful turn.

Google Map Pilot feature, announced last year, assisted the people in finding local guide recommendations. It proved extremely useful for people traveling to a new city. The user can utilize this feature for following the top guides, and Google shows suggestions accordingly. Visitors can even rate the places they visit based on their experience and discover new locations.

In this way, Google Maps has been continuously evolving to improve user experience with local guides, lists, reviews, and images.

What Update is all About?

With this community update feature rolling out globally, the people will be able to follow the recommendations, advice and updates delivered to your Updates Tab in the Google Maps.  It will enhance the convenience to search for the best option online, and improve user experience.

Google Community Feature Update

  • The individuals can now follow the images, reviews, updates, guides posted
  • Remain updated with the latest reviews and recommendations posted by the public profiles

Introduction of topic filters

The searchers can scroll through the profiles by sorting for the most shared topic, restaurants or camping

Personalize Google map profile:

The people posting about a particular place or restaurant will share the freedom to show or not show reviews.  The user profile will be a restricted one. The users will need to approve the follower requests for them to see the contributions.

Google maps have become a way of expression now. Just drop an emoji and reveal about an experience.  It will be interesting to see how it unravels!

Sharing is caring!

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