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Google Search Bug: Indexing of Irrelevant Canonical URLs

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With an announcement of bug on 25th April on twitter related to Canonical URLs, the search engine indexing suffered greatly. As influenced by the bug, the search results were affected and the irrelevant Canonical URLs were getting indexed at the top in the impressions. In such a situation indexing a specific URL is a challenging deal to conquer. A problem has been encountered first time according to Google.

Google states this fresh issue is further delaying the unleashing of the Google Console Report which is also facing some indexing issues along with dysfunction in URL Inspection tool which is failing in numerous attempts in updating the information.

Google Webmaster clarifies that genuinely stating the problem” We’re aware for some pages, there’s an issue where we may have selected an unrelated canonical URL. In turn, breadcrumb trails on mobile might reflect the unrelated URLs. In rare cases, it might prevent proper indexing. We’ve been fixing this & will update when fully resolved.”

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