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Google Search: Help Google Know the Relevant Date for your Web Page

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If you want to announce a special date for your web page to Google in order to promote it, how will you do that?  Well, here are some answers to certain questions put up by the webmasters as on how the dates are determined and what are the best measure to improve the visibility. 

Google considers certain factors while deciding a particular date for your website. Most of the times it happens that the publisher might not be ready with a fixed date owing to many factors. In such cases, the Google considers several factors one of them accounts to the estimation of the date the page when it was published or updated.

How you should help Google pick the relevant date:

  • Help Google fetch a date on your page a permanent or the temporary one.
  • Frame your website on structured data by mentioning date published and the date modified in complete sync with AMP and non-AMP pages
  • Use ISO 8601 Format for dates

Requirements by Google News

Provide updated content to the Google news which involves perfect date and time of the published content.  Along with the structured content the date and time should be placed in the mid of the headline and the article text. In case you want to gain clear insight into the format then you can look for help page about article dates.  

Don’t miss on rescheduling your website with the updated time and date after the modification of a certain article. A slight update from the previous one and deleting the initial story falls under violation of the webmaster’s article URLs guidelines.

Measures to Implement dates on web pages 

  • Update should be visible

Consider updating the time and the date along with updating the page on the Google with its updated date or the published ones for the feasibility of the user to know about it in a clear way. Make it AMP friendly and non-AMP friendly for easing up the process of recognition by algorithms.

  • Use the Correct Time Zone

Provide the correct time zone, setting preference to daylight saving time is advisable.

  • Avoid Inconsistency

While updating the date and time, consider updating the same time and date in the structured as well as visible data along with the identical time zone format.

  • Refrain from updating the date connected with a particular event

Update the date in accordance with the publishing or updated date instead of attaching a date which the page displays a content on. For marking the important events you can use Event Markup.

  • Ride on Google’s Structured data Guidelines

Follow Google’s structured data guidelines which will help the algorithms perform their tasks seamless way and help fetch your site.

  • Rectify the technical glitches in case of duplicate dates

After completing the process, if you encounter any glitch in the process concerning the duplicity of dates watch for rectifying the problem by removing the other dates which may appear on the page and lay their origin in different stories.

You can follow the above guidelines to pick a relevant date on your website pages.


Sharing is caring!

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