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Google Webspam: A Report on How Google Fought Web Spam in 2018?

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With the aim of providing the most relevant and high-quality results, Google has taken an effective action to prevent web spam. The spam results degrade the user experience, the content which violates the webmaster guidelines.  According to the recent analytics by the Google nearly 1% of the searches accounts to spammy ones. Below is the whole overview of how Google battled the widespread arena of spam results in 2018:

Hacked Website Spam

According to Google Webmasters, there has been received considerable decrease in the spam results from hacked websites. This was done by the spontaneous action taken by the Google on the hacked pages prior to affecting the search results.

Hacked websites have emerged as the greatest threat to the web in lieu of the security arena. The stoppage of hacked website is seemingly impossible now but the Google is engaged in battling the issue by assisting the webmaster and help them recover from a hacked website.

Spams generated by Users

A major part of search results is affected by the user generated contents on other websites. Publishing of blogs, spammy forum posts and free blogs results to creation of spammy accounts. All these accounts to the unnecessary content which is hardly ever browsed by a visitor.

The year 2018 have acknowledged 80% reduction in this type of spam content. The corruption of the website can’t be prevented, but Google provides ways of as to how to prevent abuse of your site’s public areas. 

Spam of the Links

The importance of relevant and authoritative links accounts to the primary task of the Google to maintain. Link building impacts the ranking process, it becomes necessary to prevent it from spam.  In this process, Google undertook effective measures to control the domination of abominable and make them immobile. 

Link Building accounts to the major technique used by the SEOs for affecting the ranking of a website. Google interacted with some of the major SEOs and suggested them to stop practices of building links and improve the quality of the content for affecting the ranking on organic search results.  Reporting link spam is the great initiative for gaining genuine search rankings.

Collaborative Efforts for Improved Web Experience

  • By reporting spam on search users help the Google fight spam which it misses to encounter. Various practices by Google like reporting phishing and reporting malware have been a great initiative by the Google to keep track of the spam websites. Soon, the commendable results in regulating the spam traffic owed to action taken on 64% of 180,000 of the reports submitted.
  • Google generated over 186 million messages to the search console verified website owners for potential improvements required in their website for affecting the website’s appearance on the search results. This increases the traffic on Search Console. About 4million of the replies received were related to violation of webmaster guidelines.
  • Improvement in content creation tools by the Google was another major step with regard to posting spam free and authentic content impacted the search results in a grand way. The Google Search Console was completely renovated to provide both new and improved reports (Performance, Index Coverage, Links, Mobile Usability report).
  • With the fresh SEO audit capability in Lighthouse and automated editing tool for improving quality of web pages through regular SEO health checks provides a thorough insight into the website’s functioning and the areas of improvement.
  • Webmaster contacted the website owners for gaining deep insight into the issues faced by them and provide solutions to them.

All these collaborative efforts accounts to great initiative by the Google to have a seamless spam free search experience in 2019.

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