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Website Page Speed: User Experience Improved in Mobile Searches

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According to recent analytics by Google, Page Speed has been emerged an important factor underlining the 2018 mobile searches. Owing to the fact, Google has concluded some of the major improvements made by webmasters to improve user experience in 2018.

  • In comparison to 2017 which encountered no improvement, the user centric performance metrics improved by 15 -20% in 2018. This analysis has been made on slowest one third of the traffic.
  • Astonishing figure further strengthened the belief as more than 95% of the countries have encountered improvement in speed.
  • 20% reduction in abandonment rate is quiet a great statistic to have been accomplished by the Google.  As a user is more likely to switch websites if the page speed doesn’t cooperate along with the content. A site owner can easily measure the metrics over Chrome through Network Error Logging API.
  • Page Speed Insight audits were conducted for over 200 million URLs in 2018 by the developers for identifying the performance optimization opportunity of them.

If You want to know how your pages are performing you can try this:

  1. By switching to Chrome User Experience Report you can get insight into experience of Chrome users on popular web destinations.
  2.  For Optimization and analysis of the page, Page Speed Insight is the best to go for.
  3. By getting your website documented, you can watch your performance on Web Fundamentals

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