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Yoast: Now Enjoy Live Indexing with Bing and Google

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The fresh news which caught the attention of the WordPress users is the introduction of new feature with Yoast WordPress SEO. The users now will be able to index live with both Google and Bing, the feature which will officially be accessible from March.

It underlines the fact that every time you add, publish delete or update the post it will automatically flash over Google and Bing indices. They will be introduced to the fresh changes just a moment prior of you hitting the button.

You will no longer require the assistance of Bing Webmaster tools for performing the task. But for insights, nothing is better than Webmaster tools and Google search Console. But you will require Google Console account for processing the deal further.

With Bing there seems no accessibility problems owing to their modification going on in new submit URL API but with Google things seems a bit gloomy as of now owing to the Indexing API issues which obstructs flow of specific type of content.

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